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What is the CareX Blockchain Platform?

CareX is building a new way for people to find and pay for healthcare by utilizing tokens on a blockchain platform. Using our platform, patients can control their health records and purchase healthcare services at a reduced cost, regardless of borders. Using our platform, providers can cut their administrative burdens, get paid immediately, and access a global market of customers.

What are CARE tokens?

CARE tokens are made in an ERC20 smart contract that allows the CareX network to use the Ethereum blockchain for securing healthcare services. CareX has made a wallet in which you can handle your CARE tokens that includes an AI based chatbot that can help with various tasks and questions and analytics software.

CARE tokens also provide a share in an annual profit distribution of 0.5 percent from CareX.

Why CareX/CARE tokens?

CareX is working to create a marketplace using smart contracts in which the tokens can be exchanged for various services in a HIPAA and HL7 compliant fashion, such as a doctor visit, buying a prescription at a pharmacy, or a trip to an emergency room. As such, CARE is much more than just another token. 

Token holders are able to utilize the CareX wallet to securely host their medical records, granting short-term access to providers as needed and decided. Preliminary unofficial diagnoses to ailments will also be available thanks to our medically trained AI-based chatbot.

The CareX network also creates an effective digital alternative to the administrative challenges experienced by providers, bringing back a transparent market where all prices and payments are immediate and available. It runs alongside and on top of existing insurance models as a low cost, easy-to-use, and effective alternative solution.

Some of our features have already been deployed, backed by an existing healthcare software platform made by Scottline Healthcare Solutions, our parent company, used by providers around the world. When the platform is fully complete, CARE holders that participate in the CareX SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) will have a large network to utilize their investment in return for health services. Providers participating in the network will get to use this platform for free, and will be able to offer their services at a discount in return for CARE token because of their efficiency over traditional payment methods. CareX, when completed, represents a significant discount to customers with a value proposition for everyone in the market. Provided is a link to a demo of the analytics platform, You can only view the analytics demo if you have an account on the CareX web wallet. Please use the same login credentials as your CareX web wallet to access. 

With CARE tokens, going to a different country for medical services will be as easy as booking a flight after scheduling an appointment with an available doctor through the CareX wallet. Finding where you can get the best deal for a specific procedure becomes easy and simple with CareX.

CARE Token Sale Details

The CareX Blockchain Platform is pleased to announce that on December 11th, 2017 we are opening the CARE Token sale on

A walk-through for our tokensale process is provided below.

We are accepting USD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum in the token sale. 

There are 10,000,000 CARE tokens created in the ERC20 contract.

The CARE Tokens will be allocated as follows:

51% for CareX network users in the token sale

19% for ICO platform development

15% for the management of the CareX Blockchain Platform

15% for ICO operations

The funds raised from the token sale will be distributed in the following manner: 

60% for development (platform/features)

18% for marketing

12% for legal costs

10% for operations

We are still developing the desktop and mobile wallets, however, we have a web wallet available at We understand the ever increasing necessity of being able to hold your own private keys, since this is an ERC20 contract you are able to use any wallet that can handle ERC20 contracts, such as Parity or Mist wallets.

CareX in the News

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Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-12-11

Ends 2019-03-23

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