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CARCO token is different from other because it is not just a token, but it is a valuable&useful token which enables Card payment for individual services within and outside of the CARCO system and with real time conversion of CryptoCurrency to desired fiat currency.

CARCO based on a unique comprehensive blockchain technologic solution, that offers drivers and other users a simple communication, payment service, advertising, entertainment, bonuses and that is why CARCO will be effective among the all user generations as well it is a great investment opportunityfor the investors!

The maximum coins cap allowed in circulation is 650,000,000 "CARCO" by start price of 0,00008 ETH, which means everyone can be part of CARCO story because of its unique tecnology and affordable price for the CARCO token.


The world has rapidly changed at the level of globalization in the 21st century. Technologic advancement has drawn out of slumber even the sleepiest man, who never thought he would be able to do so many things from such a small box – the smartphone. In recent years, application development has brought us a lot of useful utilities/tools, but despite the multitude of social networks, we managed to overlook the importance of a large group of people – drivers. Drivers spend a lot of time in their cars on a daily basis. In a way, this deprives them of quality information, which could be obtained from, or shared with other road users.

Studies in the USA in 2016 have shown, that at least 7 out of 10 drivers use their smartphone while driving or being on the road. More than 50 % of smartphone users have at least one registered profile on social networks, which just further confirms that future life will be unimaginable life without social networks. For a technology such as CARCO, this is of great importance, since we are developing a communication interface, which will be exclusively designed/adapted for drivers. It will be offer to drivers complete communication, while ensuring that the driver will still be able to maintain his focus on the road and manage his vehicle safely.


Large car companies, such as BWW, Daimler Group, and others, are trying to find a universal communication interface, which will enable “conversation among vehicles”. CARCO project team knows that communication at the technical level is very important, but more importantly is that communication process also includes the driver. The driver is the one that directly keeps track of events on the road, and is the one who can directly transfer an information to other drivers, even when the drivers do not know each other, but share a common denominator – the (same) road. We live in an era where electric vehicles create our future, and where social-platform-based communication between drivers is worth much more than just connecting technology through communication among technical parts of vehicles.

    PEOPLE by CARCO know, there is no future without social networking and without the smart mobile device, even while you are driving! So that is why we are developing "CARCO"!
Main characteristics of CARCO technology:
    Complete voice control interface 9a2c9aacea5d020.pngenables simple communication and simple use of other functions, but at the same time it is also interesting enough to attract and engage large masses of people. In this respect, it is setting new standards of social network usage in vehicles.

    Car license plate recognition and/or geoposition location of the a28d48b91a049b4.pngvehicle is need for  CARCO driver-2-driver communication and allows drivers to "talk" to each other using CARCO app regardless of type of the vehicle.

    Universal communication interfacea58afb1254798ec.png is a friendly ecosystem, which will work on all mainstream operating systems-environments. Due to its specific use, it will be additionally customizable and visible on the screen, but at the same time won’t pose a distraction for the user or his surroundings.

    Large community database 161ca1df3cfb984.pngwill enable large quantities of uninterrupted data transfer, which is a necessary predisposition for today’s social networks, that  host user, vehicle and other data, and offer enough space for us to share additional content (such as travelogues, photos, travel reviews, as well as suggestions where to travel next) with other users.

    A payment system CarcoPay based on CARCO tokens andc8372cf21930b4d.pngsupported by Ethereum blockchain is added to the core of communication interface, which enables payment for individual services within the CARCO system and outside the system with real time conversion of CryptoCurrency to desired fiat currency.

The CARCO core is a decentralized social network CarcoHUB with is't specially designed application for drivers, which can easily communicate with vehicles or their drivers while driving, or can meet new ones through registration plate recognition of nearby cars or through geolocation functions of mobile devices. The necessary information is then displayed in the simple application menu.

The development of the project itself is an ambitious project of a successful and professional team, that has shown through multiple successful performances their trustworthy and competent. The large added value of the CARCO technology is in its modular structure, since it is comprised of the main and additional modules, which together form an integral solution.
CARCO hub includes trademark modules:


CarcoHUB main atributes are:

    advanced social application, which listens to the user and understands him. If necessary, the app adjusts itself to the user in a way that the technology and the user are synergistically connected and harmonically take advantage of all given functions.
    easy to use - The app is fully customizable for use while driving (“while you drive”), and for when we are in a more casual environment, where the functions differ according to complexity of use.
    clarity/transparency is an integral part of  the interface, since we want the driver to pay attention to the road, while the application alerts him of possible events being informed

When on the road, you often face a situation where you need to give priority to an ambulance, firefighting–, police– or some other type of emergency–vehicle, because these events are usually directly connected to saving human lives. CarcoHUB warns the driver that an emergency vehicle is in his vicinity. This gives the driver-user time to prepare for getting out of the way (of the emergency vehicle) in time.
CarcoHORIZON main atributes are::

    offers advertising when it’s most current. Imagine you are selling your car, and every traffic participant sees your ad the moment you select it in the application. Chances for selling your vehicle are much greater when you are closer with your potential buyer, rather than further away and behind a computer.
    inform drivers about current promotions for your vehicle, such as a car dealer that sells vehicles and offers a service for vehicles of the same brand as you are driving. The dealer gives you a current offer at a significantly lower price, which is very interesting for you. In this case, advertising relates only to you and your vehicle, which is important in terms of unnecessary "spam".
    gives travel recommendations, where to go with your family on a Sunday trip or a longer trip. Special offers will be curated especially for you, based on your status and your way of living.

We are aware of the importance of getting information in real time (immediately-now and on the spot). Because of this, we have included additional content in the form of the function CarcoHORIZON, which provides information on the spot, enables the sale or purchase of a vehicle from our personal Carco ownership base, enables smart contract transfers of ownership, and takes care of the advertising content of business partners, which are incorporated in the Carco marketing network with their products or services.

CarcoPAY  main atributes are:

    contactless card use in a vast global payment system, which includes gas stations, car repair shops, restaurants, and other product and service providers
    no commission, payments, as well as cash withdrawal on ATMs, will be mostly free of commissions
    crypto coverage; the system will be based on Carco Token, which means, that the account balance will be the same as the number of Carco Tokens witch current prices in the owner’s digital wallet

For all services (such as ATM machines and other product and service providers) within as well as outside the Carco network, we are developing a payment method CarcoPAY. CarcoPAY will be based on a contactless payment card, which will be directly connected with the user’s current Carco token status in his wallet.

CarcoPLAY  main atributes are:

    interesting and diverse games; we believe that the games will appeal to even the most demanding users. We’re connect with the biggest developers of top-notch computer games, because only a rich offer of games will make happy even the most demanding user.
    earning income winning on individual levels of games will generate incomes in the form of Carco Tokens, which can be used within the Carco payment system.

CarcoPLAY is a great added value to the project itself, as this feature will ensure that we develop our psychological abilities even when we are not behind the wheel. CarcoPLAY will offer a large array of computer games, where computer enthusiasts will really enjoy playing their game. With good playing they will be able to earn Carco tokens, that can be used as a payment method within the Carco system.

CarcoBONUS  main atributes are:

We are aware that loyalty to our users comes first. With this in mind, we created CarcoBonus, which is an unique source of revenue for users, because it works on the principle "more you ride, more you earn".

We know how important mutual satisfaction is. With that in mind, a new addition will be added to the app – CarcoBonus, which work by the principle of, "the more you drive, the more you get". This is a loyal bonus to Carco technology users, to whom the automated system assigns bonuses in the form of Carco tokens, which drivers earn to pay for products and services within the Carco Group.

Today, the man is continuously connected with his travels. That’s why the Carco team is trying to make traveling with Carco even more enjoyable! All of Carco's attributes were captured in the CarcoCHAIN, which ensures that communication is achieved, which is afterwards reflected in its efficiency and usability. Carco technology is no exception when we are talking about an economically attractive model. With its business model, CarCONOMY ensures the mutual economic effect of the platform, which is reflected primarily in its economic efficiency, and furthermore also as a cheaper mode of using transport and travel services.

From a financial viewpoint, CARCO technology is covered/protected by its crypto currency or by the so-called Carco token, which will be issued immediately after the successful completion of the preICO campaign.

The world has approx. 7.4 billion people, but that does not mean that all growth is stopped. When we did market research and looked at a lot of statistical data, we found that the number of smartphone users as well as the number of production and registration of new vehicles are increasing dramatically from year to year. We (the team) were unanimous that we need to build a technology of the future, which will have in its base many users around the world. Since we are aware that massive use of Carco technology by its users will be very high, we have decided to issue a total number of 650,000,000 Carco tokens. Carco token will operate on the principle of Ethereum Blockchain, according to the principle of compatibility with the ERC20 standard.
How CARCO tokens will be distributed:


Due to the unique CARCO technology, which is the primary product of Carco Token, our crypto currency will find its place especially among those investors, who will in its complexicty and attractiveness recognize a very interesting investment, which has the potential to generate truly decent earnings in the long run. We believe that Carco technology is an excellent opportunity with an interesting product. The technology’s success will be primarily reflected in its profitability, through the increase of its use among users. Our predictions are that in the first year following the launch of the final version of the product, the product will get a lot of visibility, which will consequently influence the growth of Carco Token. We are convinced that with the product’s recognition, our crypto currency will grow in popularity and wil be found on all big and renowned trading platforms.

    At CARCO we predicted future value with technical analysis upon market research as well upon Carcos unique blockchain use in automotive sector. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected for CARCO token, the price prognosis for 2019 is  for about +30%. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +1100%. For exampple if you invest $100 to buy CARCO tokens in preICO with 45% discount, your investment may be up to $1840 in 2023.

Our forecasts for Carco Token's growth:


Our pre-ICO campaign will take place on and our wesite From the total Carco Token (CARCO) pool we have dedicated 15 % of all tokens for the pre-ICO campaign, which amounts to 97 500 000 Carco tokens. Tokens will be sold under the following terms:

     1 CARCO = 0,00008 ETH
     1 ETH = 12500 CARCO

<10   ETH = 45% (up to 9 ETH)
<50   ETH = 50% (10 to 49 ETH)
<100 ETH = 55% (50 to 99 ETH)
<200 ETH = 60% (100 to 199 ETH)
<300 ETH = 65% (200 to 299 ETH)
≥300 ETH = 70% (300 and up ETH)
We support KICKONOMY and we accept KICK Coins as well!
An individual discount from the table above is granted for every individual purchase of Carco tokens. This means that if an investor makes two separate purchases and buys 50 tokens in each purchase (2x 50 tokens), a discount of 55 % (not 60 %) is granted for each purchase.
All unsold tokens will be transferred into the ICO pool!



World-known businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the world, Rockefeller, once said: “Only regret in my life is, that I didn’t hire experts for certain projects sooner! I could be even richer now!”. The CARCO team is aware, that the key to success is knowledge and hard work - and CARCO is no exception. We are inviting reliable and expert people to join us and help us create a successful project. If you are interested in working together with us on one or more areas listed below, fill out this form, and we’ll get in touch with all the details.

    Facebook Campaign
    Telegram Campaign
    Twitter Campaign Campaign
    Videos Campaign
    Translation Campaign
    Videos Campaign
    Blogs Campaign


CARCO based on a unique comprehensive blockchain technologic solution, that offers drivers and other users a simple communication, payment service and entertainment, and that is why CARCO will be effective among the all user generations as well it is a great investment opportunityfor the investors!

During the Pre-ICO, tokens are sold much cheaper than after the start of a full ICO. At this stage you can invest less money to get a much higher income. Supporting our campaign, takes no risks for the investors, because Carco tokens will be delivered to investors upon automatically blockchain smart contrats once, after crowdfounding will successfuly ends, or 100% founds will be returned to the investors in case campaign will not to reach soft cap!

During CARCO preICO campaign the investors will get strong reduced token price. We guarantee up to 70% discount, (depends on purchase volume).

Do you have a question? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-19

Ends 2018-02-28

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-01

Ends 2018-04-30


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