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CacaoShares is a digital asset that enables anyone to own cacao trees of the criollo type in sur del lago Venezuela
About the project

90% of the world’s Cacao used mainly for chocolate manufacturing, comes from tiny farms of less than one hectare, with old trees and very low yields that do not allow cocoa farming households to raise incomes above extreme poverty. That fact is also true in Venezuela. Known for a unique flavor which is sought after by luxury chocolatiers. The chocolate industry is faced with structural supply issues. Demand is growing rapidly and Cacao prices are at record highs. At the same time, confectioners have pledged to source certified and sustainable Cacao, at least in part because of scandals over child labor on West African farms. Given these challenges, low yields, inefficient intermediaries, and poor access to markets and finance, crops such as Cacao cannot compete economically with coca and other illegal activities. As a result, Venezuela is lacking progress in the quality of its Cacao and facing uncertainty for the future of Cacao Criollos.

Make an electronic smart contract on the Ethereum network named Cacao shares. Use it to Raise capital in order to develop an ecosystem of 1 million new Cacao Trees in Sur del Lago, Venezuela
The contracts

On this folder are the contracts and documentation related to the token and ICO.

On this folder are the smart contracts and documentation related to the trees assignments.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-02-02

Ends 2018-03-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-02-02

Ends 2018-03-30


Yo cacao
Jose Alejandro Patino


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