Brotherly Coin (Brocoin) ICO

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BrotherlyLend Platform backend by Brocoin, Brotherlylend is the new innovative and revolutionary secured lending platform, which allows everyday people with investments in cryptocurrency to take out loans using cryptocurrency as secured assets. The Platform providers loan in fiat currencies from around the word-holding user’s cryptocurrency for them as collateral in a secure wallet. While your average wallet just keeps user’s cryptocurrency on their behalf BrotherlyLend gives, the opportunity to take out loans 0% Interest. Once the loaned sum is repaired, we will release funds for users or they can take our another loan.

Why We are different ?

BrotherlyLend, you can use your 1 BTC or some portion of them to take out a loan. You can use this loan to fulfill your business or personal needs. When you return the borrowed amount, you get access to your Bitcoins again. In short, you met your immediate needs without spending your highly valuable and investable currency. The best part of BrotherlyLend, as the name suggests, is that it makes loans affordable for you by removing fluctuating and exorbitant interest rates. BrotherlyLend charges only a small fee based on the amount you borrow. 

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-09-01

Ends 2018-10-20

Token Sale

Starts 2018-10-25

Ends 2019-01-15

Introduction video


Sharmarke J Mohamed
Founder & Managing Director
Jamie Williston
Full Stake Developer
Adam Chandler
Head Business Developer
Siobhan Ben-Avi
Community Manager
Jack Mills
AML/ KYC Expert


Bounty title Category Reward
Opportunity to Earn our tokens directly Referral Directly 10% of total BRC purchase Go to details
Twitter Bounty Campaigns Social Rewards for Tweets: >100K Followers --> 100 BRC >50K Followers --> 80 BRC >10K Followers --> 60 BRC >5K Followers --> 40 BRC >1000 Followers --> 20 BRC >500 Followers --> 10 BRC >250 Followers --> 5 BRC Rewards for Re-Tweets: >100K Followers --> 80 BRC >50K Followers --> 60 BRC >10K Followers --> 40 BRC >5K Followers --> 20 BRC >1000 Followers --> 10 BRC >500 Followers --> 5 BRC Go to details
Facebook Bounty Campaigns Social Follow the Brotherlylend Token Facebook page and earn: 2 BRC Share one of our Facebook posts to your timeline and earn on Per Share --> 7 BRC Per Share if you have fewer than 500 friends; --> 10 BRC per Share if you have 501–2000 followers; --> 15 BRC per Share if you have 2000+ followers. Go to details
Telegram Bounty Campaigns Social 10 BRC Go to details
Linkedin Bounty Campaigns Social 10 BRC Go to details
Video Bounty Campaigns Social up to 90,000 BRC Go to details
White paper Translation Bounty Campaigns Writing 55,000 BRC Go to details


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