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Blackfolio is the smartest social trading platform to manage your crypto wealth. Connected, supporting main exchanges and assisted by our artificial intelligence, we are building your future every-day companion app. Accessible from desktop or mobile, you earn time and get a clear view of your profit & loss.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-03-25

Ends 2018-03-26

Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-26

Ends 2018-04-30


Montes c
Charly Montes
Sautron g
Gaël Sauton
Tauru l
Louis Tauru
Creative Producer
Jouet e
Edouard Jouët
Chief Financial analyst
Di maggio m
Marie Di Maggio
Chief Marketing Officer
Yanai n
Nicolas Yanai
Chief Design Officer

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Nikita Brudnov gave this ICO a 4 / 5

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