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Bits Diamond Wallet

Bits Diamond wallet, a decentralized stage bolstered by the blockchain technology where digital & virtual currencies are acknowledged and exchanged far and wide. The clients can likewise exchange the local currencies. This astoundingly secure wallet presents control over the private keys. Bits Diamond wallet is an exceptionally easy to use stage, which permits exchange at a low exchange charges.

Bits Diamond has multi-cash wallet which was made by group of experienced individuals. Any individual can utilize their wallet to send, acknowledge and store every one of the tokens. The fundamental test of the venture is to help each person with monetary flexibility. This aides in sorting out various advancements through a selective client inclusion. It is a body which has united both innovation and administrations that exist in this day and age as of now in an unexpected way.

Bits Diamond Exchange

Destined to-be-propelled Bits Diamond exchange will accommodate the exchanging of crypto currency. This exchange will be where you will be permitted to purchase and pitch requests to alternate clients. The platform will likewise make contribution and exchanging process quicker and practical. You would now be able to all the more productively buy, sell, distribute and deal with your crypto contributions.

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-12-22

Ends 2018-03-15

Token Sale

Starts 2017-12-22

Ends 2018-03-15


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