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Bitpaction, the first intelligent digital asset exchange

What is bitpaction

Now the block chain is in the preliminary development stage, it has already been updated to version 3.0 from 2.0, but the conventional exchanges still remain in the version 1.0. Bitpaction was established to building a new user-centered digital asset trading ecological system, promoting upgrading of digital currency exchange into the version 2.0 and overturning the operation modes of conventional exchanges, to providing users simpler and securer trading experience and attracting more users.

Our technical advantages:

compare to other exsited exchanges in the market, the technical advantages mainly are:

Data security: relational database service (RDC) with multiple protective measures is used in the platform for realtime monitoring of database performance.

Fund secuity:wallet management is allocated with the secuity plan far superior to that of ordinary banks and financial organizations.

Stable system: the trading platform is built in strict accordance with financial standards, and with the transmission encryption protocol in line with the industrial standard to ensuring that overall process of core orders suffers from no delay and jamming.

Stable network: The trading platform achieves intelligent analysis on network traffic and load conditions to providing rapid access to investors' request.

our unique features:

Simple and convenient: compare to other exsited exchanges, the operating procedure of our platform are simpler and easier for users without systematic expertise. 

Profit-stop and loss-stop: users may set the amount of increase or decrease of the digital asset in the personal center, when the digital asset exceeds the setting value in the trading market, the platform will automatically put it on sale. This fuction ensures that your asset is secure even under the unmanned circumstance.

Service charge feedback: The system will make statistics of the total service charge each user spent on Bitpaction. Users may exchange BPS valued maximum 50% of their total service charge for other digital asset at any time.  BPS would premium with the price not lower than 0.76 USD under this circumstance. Therefore, investors’ BPS is at least worth 0.76 USDT at any time.


Release Planning and Position Locking Time

The total issue amount of BITPACTION tokens (BPS) is 300 million, without additional issue. It distribute as below:

(1) Angel investors hold 60 million BPS (20%).

(2) Strategic partners hold 30 million BPS (10%).

(3) Community funds hold 60 million BPS (25%)

(4) Individual investors hold 120 million BPS (30%).

(5) Start-up teams hold 30 million BPS (10%).

To ensure interests of all investors and healthy operation of the exchange in the early stage, BPS is released in three months, i.e. 30% in the first month and the second month respectively, and 40% in the third month.

Bonus and Value of BPS

The investors who invest in BPS get 5%-10% of his transaction fees deducted permanently.

Due to the service charge feedback, the value of BPS would not go lower than 0.76 USD.

Repurchase and Destruction Mechanism

After the Bitpaction exchange officially rolls out, we will officially begin the repurchase and destruction program. We will spend 30% of net profit in BPS repurchase in every 6 months and the repurchased BPS will be directly destructed until the total number of BPS becomes constant at 200 million.

Desterilization Plan of Token for Teams

Members of core team hold 10% of BPS, and technical locking of the 10% will begin upon completion of token offering.

10% (3 million) will be desterilized after 6 months;

30% (9 million) will be desterilized after one year;

30% (9 million) will be desterilized after two years;

30% (9 million) will be desterilized after three years;

Funds Use Planning

45% of gained funds will be used for marketing, operation and promotion, including promotion fees of offline and online platform, funds support for various kinds of marketing activities to help Bitpaction to take up markets and attract investors to trade in the platform.

30% of gained funds will be used in platform operation, including function development and daily system maintenance of the trading platform and salary, bonus and research and development fees of development personnel and others.

15% of gained funds will be used as flexible funds, so that the project can respond in a xtimely manner in case any emergencies occur to ensure normal operation of the system.

10% of gained funds will be used for establishing communities and daily maintenance of communities. A bonus pool will be established, and individuals or teams contributing to the Bitpaction in the early phase will be awarded with bonus.

Plans for Future Development

The 1st  quarter of 2018: Promote brand recognition in the industry. Finish BPS sales, on-line the exchange. Improve C2C trading module. Conduce a series of platform promote activities.  

The 2nd quarter of 2018: Launch one to three types of more diversified BPS fund products to provide more choice for user.

The 3rd quarter of 2018: Sum of daily average transaction exceeds 100 millions, and numbers of types of digital currency products exceeds 70.

The 4th quarter of 2018: Connect online stores, develop settlement modes of BPS+U.S. dollar and other currencies, and open up closed loops in commerce.

The 1st  quarter of 2019: The platform is transformed to be globalized, diversified and comprehensive, and we will deeply cooperate with governments, funds and futures.

The 2nd quarter of 2019: Obtain qualification license

Pre Sale

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-02-01

Ends 2018-03-05


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Lydia Oduada gave this ICO a 4 / 5

I am giving this ICO a 4/5 for its interest in the comfort of its user, considering the fact that a user gets a feedback on transaction charge.