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The vision of our team –A Good health a happy family. Following this slogan our team has gathered all together for one common project in order to make our families healthy and happy as well as involve all the world to this consumption and contribute to the producing of healthy products. BFC Factory Coin (BFC) is the 1st factory with a great target and ambitions to release humanity from the vicious habits, reject consumption of sugar, to avoid diseases and increase the age of living in the world jointly building the 1st factory based on the interest and investments of private people, applying a phenomenal principle of functioning of the BlockChain technology. BFC team offers to You to take a part in the consumption of healthy products and take an opportunity to use contemporary innovations as well and contribute directly to whole this project helping to spread ICO (Initial Coin Offer) and maintaining it by investing to BCF coin currency. Being helped by ICO and BlockChain technologies Biofactorycoin LTD after Your investments will take care of Your health by creating healthy non dairy products using the alternatives such as nuts, soya and seeds which are going to be healthier and will improve your health, energy, you will become more active and happier as well. All those food materials are packed full of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant chemicals as well as proteins, healthy fats and fibre. Thus eating nuts and seeds is associated with a lowered risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s, among other conditions. The amount of sugar is less than the natural sugars found in cow’s milk, so it has fewer calories, but there is also less protein – 0.5g to the 3.5g you’ll get in the same amount of cow’s milk. Protein, says Helen Bond, spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, “gives a feeling of fullness, it helps you to feel fuller for longer, and a lot of people are trying to get their protein intake up”. Dairy, she adds, “is a really great source of a readily available form of calcium, so you need to look for plant-based milk that is fortified with calcium, essential for maintaining bones as we get older”. By using BlockChain technology and contributing to our team you will have possibility to observe your investments and get the related documents (to be up to date about process of the project). You will become a part of safe and reliable BlockChain technology. We are going to produce not only the healthy products and a healthy future but BCF currency as well by being helped by Your innovations and BlockChain technologies. Invest to the 1st and get a profit to you, your family and environment

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Starts 2017-11-27

Ends 2018-02-13

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