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Introducing BELOTTO®

We bring transparency into the lottery business and combine our tech knowledge with the amazing blockchain to make more millionaires in the most honest way.

We all dream about becoming rich overnight, however, we can’t trust current lottery systems as they present plenty of inconsistencies and lack reliability. It is time for an honest lottery we can put our trust in, and Belotto has the solution. A new era of real lotteries where there is no more uncertainty, but a great deal of winning opportunities for everybody. Belotto is a decentralized lottery system built on its own blockchain, created under the Hyperledger platform using Ethereum’s technology for managing BEL tokens based on the ERC-20 protocol, aiming to develop an innovative, secure and transparent global product. Belotto will build a bridge between the crypto community and traditional lottery users by offering prizes of the most valuable cryptocurrencies of the market carried out through a very conservative scheme. Each purchased ticket will increase the jackpots and will be added to the initial base amount of each lottery. The transparency of the ecosystem will allow users to verify the jackpots’ progress in real time.

The world’s first truly transparent lottery. Smart Tickets will associate each user with their played numbers preventing ticket forgery and guaranteeing a fully transparent mechanism. Prizes will always be delivered, there are no minimum or maximum limits. Whoever hits the numbers takes it all, because the money is actually there. No deductions will ever be applied to jackpots, as the administrative fees are automatically distributed by Smart Contracts before every new addition. Escrow will ensure payouts are transferred directly to the winners’ wallets without needing regulation or third-party intervention. Worldwide presence that enables ticket acquisition and prize delivery without leaving home and anonymously to protect users’ integrity. Jackpots and sales history are publicly available and stored on the blockchain for permanent and transparent reports. Money raised once reaching Hardcap and through subsequent Second Sale stage will become the base amount of the first jackpots for millionaire prizes from day #1. BEL tokens are granted as a gift after credit purchase through Pre-sale, Sale and Second Sale stages. Upon completion of these stages, the token will be available through multiple exchanges.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-04-28

Ends 2018-05-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-31

Ends 2018-07-30


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