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ICO details is decentralized social network web application for IoP (Internet-for-Pleasure) with an opportunity for maintaining social activities by stimulation any User’s action with internal ERC-20 (updated to ERC-223) ASSPACE Tokens [ASP] rewards. platform intended to unite professionals and youngsters in adult content production with hard-boiled consumers by giving the opportunity to receive specially made by own scenario content with blockchain rights registration and multifunctional crowdfunding collaboration. The unique feature makes internal “marketplace” that allows users unite in groups by interest and according to cooked-up and provided by them scenario with clearly defined quality, quantity and other evaluation criteria make offers for professional performers or amateurs to produce any content: photos, videos, VR or stream action (with or without the right of distribution).  Internal guarantee service, users trust levels and involve moderators in disputes on non-compliance of made content makes it possible.

The total supply cap for Asspace token is 100 billion ASP. The percentage funds distribution structure is as follows:

Pre-ICO 20% (20 billion ASP)

Public ICO – 50% (50 billion ASP)

Asspace team – 15% (15 billion ASP)

Bounties – 10% (10 billion ASP)

Reward program – 5 % (5 billion ASP)

Pre Sale

Starts 2017-10-25

Ends 2018-01-01

Token Sale

Starts 2018-10-25

Ends 2019-01-01

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ASSPACE TOKEN - has no bounties.


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