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Assistive Reality is an Australia-based start-up company focusing on development of customized and standard Augmented Reality applications for corporate and personal users.  Our primary offering is ARX tokens which we have built an ecosystem around for our AR apps and content. We're building AR apps for Android and iOS that will use an AI assistanct (similar to Google and Apple's Siri) to monitor your social, data feeds and eye sight and prompt/provide you with assistance, content, apps, in your field of vision as you walk around your every day life. Google, Apple, Intel, Magic Leap amongst others are releasing smart glasses throughout 2018/19 and it will be very similar to Apple releasing the iPhone. we plan to be early to the app stores to become the leader in the Augmented Reality software market.

We've been awarded a place on Microsoft's mixed reality development program and are in discussions with Intel, HTC (Vive) and HP about creating business applications (as well as our home user Augmented World browser). Two construction firms are very keen for building site visualisation, and law enforcement departments stand to benefit massively from the tech. We are one of the only AR companies that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain for profile storage and for biometric ID processing.

ARX tokens can be directly used for:

• Downloading Augmented Reality apps from Apple and Google stores (we use a redemption smart contract)

• Accessing premium multiplayer AR zones

• Renting, claiming or purchasing physical locations for AR content

• Placing advertising banners into locations in World 1

• Placing business locations and interactive purchase bots into AR zones (e.g. shopping malls, bus stops, walkways)

• Creating consumable AR tours within World 1

• Activating AI-guidance within World 1 or Profession

• Purchasing a content or skills pack within World or Profession

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Token Sale

Starts 2018-03-09

Ends 2018-05-06

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Travis Roe
CEO & Product Architecture Leader
Craig Straw
Marketing & Strategy Leade
Qingqing Wang
Research Leader
Mark Palmer
Technology & Concepts Leader
Shahar Namer
Project Adviser
Lora yessenova 180x180
Lora Yessenova
Marketing & Communications Adviser
Elad dolev 180x180
Elad Dolev
DevOps / Blockchain
Assaf bardougo 180x180
Adv. Assaf Bardougo
Marketing & Communications Adviser


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