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ARTIS shares the same code base with Ethereum, refined by substantial upgrades of the protocol.

ARTIS introduces a revolutionary payment method called Streems. This is a new on-chain scaling solution and is especially suited for regular payments. With ARTIS, cash literally flows like a stream from one member to another. Anonymous 1-click subscriptions make new business models viable.

ARTIS anonymously registers humans via a well-defined network structure and will provide freshly minted ARTIS coins (ATS) via a Streem. This will broaden the available user base for services built on top of the ARTIS blockchain. This mechanism assures a broad distribution of coins that can be used to interact with the ARTIS blockchain, while the network value is growing disproportionally.

ARTIS will be highly cost efficient and performant, allowing a profitable operation of new business models. It will have increased throughput in the range of 200 - 2000 transactions per second. Furthermore, all scaling solutions for Ethereum will be incorporated as well.

Given the scope of the project, the total market value of only € 45m at the start of the project offers a potential increase in value over time. Fair and stable conditions for investors during all funding rounds. There will be no discounts or any other incentives for people to sell their coins below the initial price.

Pre Sale

Starts Unknown

Ends Unknown

Token Sale

Starts 2018-05-31

Ends 2018-10-26

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