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AngryToken is a community project delivering a new concept of social media. We are so accustomed to our digital lives that we rarely take the time to reflect on them. What are the biggest issues in them and how can we improve the situation? Although there has been a lot of media attention around subjects such as fake news and data mining, very little is being paid to the decreasing quality of content or why this is happening. The short answer is that the dominant platforms have the wrong incentive systems in play, so creators don’t get compensated adequately for original and exceptional work, meanwhile the rest of us are forced to drown in the meaninglessness of Buzzfeed listicles. The current approach is dangerous, because these platforms are feeding us low quality information. Without good information, we can’t make good decisions, nor can we act appropriately. We need a system that encourages great content so that creators can get paid fairly, we can get informative and entertaining content, and so that discourse doesn’t continue to circle around the drain pipe. That’s why AngryToken is developing Slinkad, a platform for news, and Snipad, a platform for video content. Both of these systems will be decentralized, allowing creators to publish content without a central authority imposing its will or sucking up all of the income. These platforms will allow creators to directly enter into agreements with advertisers through smart contracts, giving each side more control and streamlining the process. The content itself will be monitored by a group of users called Guardians, who will be rewarded for their efforts in AngryTokens (ANG), the Ethereum-based currency that powers the entire ecosystem. To top it all off, AngryToken will also feature a digital marketplace called Rosetta where translators can offer their services. This will enable content creators to easily translate their work, helping them to reach new audiences and greater revenue streams. Lowering the language barrier will also help to create a more cohesive community, where everyone’s voice can be heard. In the near future, AngryToken will be conducting an ICO to help bring their developments to life. Early investors will be able to support a great community project and see it come to life.

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-10-10

Ends 2019-03-03

Token Sale

Starts 2019-04-30

Ends 2019-10-30


Adele new
Adele Pagliano
U-Share Manager
Alberto new
Alberto Cecinato
Front-End Junior Developer
Alex new
Alexandru Fartade
Anto new
Antonio Feraco
Former Content Creator
Chicco new
Emanuel Secco
Brand Manager
Frank new
Francesco Fiorella
Software Engine Developer
Giacomo new
Giacomo Arrighini
Front End Developer
Mimmo new
Girolamo Di Trapani
Lore new
Loredana Fartade
Marketing Coordinator
Ludo new
Ludovico Rossi
Strategic Manager
Matteo new
Matteo Manca
Financial Analyst
Salvo new
Salvatore De Paolis
Technical Team Leader
Soiree new
Social Media Specialist
Anna Stoikov
Social Media Producer


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