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The Ammeris Platform is composed of the Ammeris Blockchain, one of the first iterations of the Ammeris Blockchain Stack. It serves as the main database on the Platform and is hosted by Foundation and accredited data centers.

The Platform provides the global blockchain and enterprise community with a set of powerful tools to create sustainable, interoperable, scalable and commercially viable applications and services. 

Pre Sale

Starts 2018-10-01

Ends 2018-11-30

Token Sale

Starts 2018-12-01

Ends 2018-12-31


Paul mears 759x500
Paul Mears
Sticker  d435f459 f192 457d a725 5fc54bccdadf
Erik Fertsman
Co Founder
Sticker  1e2e8bad 221e 4b59 8481 902777822431   2
Ian Gilmour
Head of Advisory
Sticker  670cf622 bc6a 4dc9 bc42 3a232b79aacb   2
Matthew Pickup
Director of Development
Sticker  9e790196 c7f6 4a52 9376 ba793a9f20ba
Ethan Gilmore
Sticker  027428da 8673 4a1f 9b8e 0c4b500bc7bf
Cassie Hill
Head of Performance
Sticker  7c71ae61 55dd 46a8 9ad2 d7c4a467cb50
Bob Sorenson
Sticker  3febc88b 5a98 41a6 8dac 437b405d9d05
Raphael Hukai
Head of Technology
Sayers  1
Kevin Sayers
Screenshot 2018 08 28 17.57.05
Geoff Sullivan
Sticker  f322ccc8 b8a0 4ce4 94b1 93edadba6163
Robert Fathers


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