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ABL is not an evolution of the traditional recruitment workflow; it is a blockchain-backed recruitment ecosystem with fully-integrated HR services. ABL is a collaborative ecosystem where users control their information and create their own professional solutions. On the ABL network, an enterprise employer will be able to manage their entire talent portfolio with custom assessment tools that help to build a better understanding of their workplace environment. Then, rather than paying a recruiter who must interpret their talent needs, they can leverage their own performance indicators such as work cultural fit, adaptability and growth, leveraged through psychometric and longitudinal data. Enterprise could also create their own funnel of high potential candidates and significantly reduce the time to hire and the associated cost. ABL works through a decentralized system of bounties and attestation based rewards for professionals and organizations. At its core are a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum public network, providing anyone the opportunity to participate without the approval of or reliance on a centralized authority. To facilitate a thriving network ecosystem, a supporting set of infrastructure and services will be provided by ABL. While not required to interact with the ABL blockchain based smart contracts, these services will provide the ecosystem with a fully functioning platform.

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Starts 2018-02-15

Ends 2018-05-15

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