Come to North American Digital Commodities Summit to learn the opportunities that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) offers the oil, gas, and agricultural commodity ... agenda, plus you'll receive available speaker presentations while at the conference. 


Will blockchain technology ease trading in the energy and commodities markets? How do traders interact with each other on a blockchain? What about the risk of cybercrime? What is the settlement risk involved in doing business in this emerging technology?

Find the answers at Platts North American Digital Commodities Summit.

These are just some of the issues that they will raise:

What are the risks involved for trading companies?

Will traders have to yield their position for acceptance in the ledger?

How do smart contracts handle numerous types of activities on a blockchain and also shape themselves to any-sized market with complete transparency?

What are the new blockchain initiatives for the oil industry?

How secure is a blockchain? Is identity theft a concern?

Cryptocurrency versus fiat currency—Are they interchangeable on the blockchain?

How will commodity exchanges work in an DLT environment?


Hyperledger Applications—Altoros’ Decentralized Energy Utility Project

Blockchain Trading Applications for Electric Power–LO3 Energy and the Brooklyn Microgrid

The AgriDigital Blockchain Initiative—Why Agricultural Supply Chains are a Good Use Case for the Application of Blockchain Technologies

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