In the wake of developments across IoT, blockchain and machine learning in oil and gas, companies have realized that traditional operating models won’t help them prosper any longer.

To become more efficient, manage costs effectively and improve safety, a technology roadmap needs to be in place that aligns with the business strategy. But what does this roadmap look like? And once vendors have been consulted, what does the path to implementation look like? Who are the key industry players that companies can benchmark from?

At the 3rd Annual Blockchain, IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Canada Conference, upstream, midstream and downstream companies will come together to exchange insight on new strategic and technological advances.

What you can expect:

Real-life case studies on how oil and gas companies have used technology roadmaps to implement solutions that helped save money and improved efficiency

Ways to create new value through IoT architectures (providing context around what takes place across all facilities in operation and identifying new opportunities to increase productivity)

Insights on how machine learning can be introduced to extract insights from multiple datasets in real-time and eliminate costly manual processes

Interactive discussions on near-future developments in technology that oil and gas companies can expect (such as implementing recommendation algorithms to influence operational activities)

For more information, please contact Symon Rubens, CEO, Energy Conference Network.

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Organizer: Energy Conference Network

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