Blockchain holds the potential way beyond Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies it is the smartest methods to decentralize the web. The Blockchain Developer Conference is the biggest event meetup in a year that gives the blockchain developers an opportunity to explore new technologies that they can use to create form decentralized apps. The blockchain developers across the world converge at as one point to showcase their innovation on a platform that could help them to create something new for Fintech, Healthcare, Government, and Enterprises. The Beginners get the whole new level of knowledge on the Blockchain Technology to sharpen their creative minds.

The conference will be divided among different phases concentrating on the different elements of the Blockchain. The first session will include the discussion about Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and help the developers to learn new ways for creating their own currencies. The second phase deals with the FinTech, Ethereum, and smart contracts whereas the last phase will detail about the Blockchain platforms and decentralized data.

Organizer: Blockchain Developer Conference

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