Who will be participating?

One of the most highly anticipated event of the year dedicated in the crypto industry, BLOCK 2 The Future will take place on April 4, 2018. This event is dedicated to the most exciting tech of this century, BLOCKCHAIN were developers, entrepreneurs, financial specialists, investors, business angels, lawyers, security solutions providers, blockchain startups, authors, as well as representatives of the banking and financial institutions, credit companies and payment systems will share their insights and thoughts on present and future of Blockchain.

Why San Francisco

Silicon Valley led the way in developing the Internet. Now it’s at it again.

The San Francisco area is first in the world in the number of blockchain development projects. SF is the right place for a tech conference as it the melting pot for people from different backgrounds and presents an exciting opportunity for all.

The official language at the Conference – English.

Organizer: BLOCK2TheFuture

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