The Blockchain for SCF Masterclass is an advanced and comprehensive workshop that will review and assess the latest developments in blockchain technology for supply chain finance.

 Presenting both an introduction to blockchain and detailed use cases from the industry, the masterclass will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of how blockchain and distributed ledger technology are impacting the supply chain ecosystem and what this means for your business.

The masterclass will bring together supply chain finance professionals and industry disruptors in an active discussion of the key opportunities and challenges:

 Reviewing latest developments in blockchain and DLT

Using blockchain technology to create value for their customers

Overcoming regulatory and legal constraints

Working towards a standardization

Collaborating with fintechs to enable DLT

Mitigating the risks of fraud and increasing security

Held ahead of our Supply Chain Finance Summit in Frankfurt, the Masterclass will provide you with a complete overview of blockchain and equip you with the knowledge to future proof your business.

Organizer: BCR Publishing

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