2017 has been the year of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. As a new paradigm blockchains pose both challenges and opportunities to current models of investing. Blockchain technology can be a threat or vehicle for expansion for venture portfolio companies. The growth in the popularity of bitcoin is symbolic for how blockchains can impact every industry in existence today.

$1,000 invested in bitcoin early 2013 was worth $1.1million December 2017

Initial Coin Offerings raised more than $3.7 billion in more than 230 ICOs in 2017. Bitcoin and other digital assets have outperformed all traditional investment vehicles in 2017. And every investor must prepare for 2018 by studying how these new paradigms might impact their current portfolio and future strategies. The chart below shows last year's returns by asset class.

Many analysts have falsely classified blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a segment within FinTech. However, blockchains have the potential to disrupt every FinTech business model investors are supporting today.

This event will cover the following topics:

Basic Building Blocks of Blockchains

Blockchain and FinTech

2017 ICO Summary

Return on Investment Comparison

Blockchain Economics

Public and Private Blokchains

Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies and the end of fiat

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Tokens and the US authorities

Organizer: American Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Academy

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