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MedChain Bounty
Different rewards for different tasks!

Bounty Campaign

Pool: 5500 CCWT. 10-75 stakes depending on a number of followers.

Tweeter Campaign
Pool: 5500 CCWT. 3-7 stakes per tweet, 1-4 stakes per retweet (depending on a number of your followers)

Telegram Repost Campaign
Poo is: 5500 CCWT, 10-100 stakes per post (depending on a number of followers).

Custom Blog Post
Pool is 16500 CCWT; 10-30 stakes per post depending on the quality of posts (ClearCost team decides).

Facebook Custom Post
Pool is 5050 CCWT; 10-75 stakes per post (depending on a number of a group followers)

Referral Bounty

Telegram Moderation

REM Loyalty Bounty Program

10,000,000 CTC

Bounty Campaign

Facebook Сomments
Pool is 2050 CCWT. Stake is 1-4 per comment (depending on the number of your friends and followers).

Facebook Posts/Reposts
Pool is 4800 CCWT; stake for post is 3-9 per week, per repost - 3-7 per week (depending on a number of your friends/followers)

BitcoinTalk Thread Activity Campaign
Pool is 5500 CCWT. 10 stakes per big post, 1-5 stakes per comment (depending on your BitkoinTalk rank)

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign
Pool is 1375 CCWT; stake is 1-4 per week (depending on your BitkoinTalk rank)

Alluma Twitter Bounty
Follow @AllumaExchange = 20 LUMA

Best Token Sale Review Contest
10000 HIDU

Youtube Video Contest
10000 HIDU

LinkedIn Post of the day

AllForMiner Bounty Campaign