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🚀 ZAZA’s Airdrop Challenge! 🚀 📣 Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday our Telegram community has the opportunity to win #ZAZA coins. Up for grabs will be 500 ZAZA Tokens. 🔎 How it works: A question about ZAZA will be asked in ZAZA’s Official Telegram Group. The answer to this question can only be found by reading ZAZA’s Whitepaper ( ) or in our recent Media posts. ℹ️The first person to answer the question correctly will win 500 ZAZA tokens. 📍Rules of the challenge: ✅ Only members of ZAZA’s Official Telegram Group will be allowed to participate. ✅ The answer to the question will only be accepted if it is posted on ZAZA’s Official Telegram Group. ✅ The first correct answer confirmed by the Group Admin will be the winner, and the Admin's decision is final. ✅ Read Carefully our Tokens Disclaimer (in our WP) before participating in this giveaway or any promotion related to ZAZA tokens. ✅ ZAZA will not take responsibility for loss of tokens in any way JOIN our Global Airdrop Competition and Don't miss out the Biggest Token giveaway ever!! 🎊🎊 🚀🚀 Join our Telegram group with the link below to learn more!

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