Translation & Community management campaign by SMS CHAIN

Bounty details


SMSCHAIN ANN thread: Languages especially available for participation: - Spanish - French - German - Turkish - Korean - Chinese - Japanese other languages are welcome too Make sure to send the links to your previous work! We'll review your request, and if your previous experience looks interesting - we'll contact you and discuss the details. The translations \ local community management reservations will be announced below in this post. Translation campaign rules: - Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified. - There can be reserved only one translation per one participant. Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted. Bounty: - Whitepaper translation - 500 stakes - Site translation (translation of available words) - 100 stakes. - SMSCHAIN ICO ANN thread opening post translational - 50 stakes - Activity in the local translated ANN thread: 1-3 stakes (depending on the size) per 1 post (your own post) in your translated ANN thread - Other big post/article translation - 10 stakes Translation and community management bounty tokens will be distributed proportionally among the participants according to the amount of received stakes. If you have any questions regarding the translation/community management campaign, please, use the SMSCHAIN Slack or Telegram for the communication.

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