Reddit Campaign by NITRO

Bounty details

Category: Reddit

Eligibility 1. Reddit account must be at least 30 days 2. Reddit accounts with negative post or comment karma will not be eligible 3. Bitcointalk users with negative trust will not be eligible Tasks & Rewards: 1. Post all related links and/or content about Nitro in any of the following groups of subreddits (1 Stake/each valid post) 2. Blockchain, cryptocurrency (At least 100 readers) 3. IT, business, finance (At least 100 readers) 4. /r/NitroToken How to participate: **We will review all requests before updating on the successful participants for the campaigns** 1. After creating a link, please post here your submitted link in our bitcointalk bounty thread 2. Including with your Reddit username 3. Your ETH address

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