Best Token Sale Review Contest by H Education World Initial Token Sale

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In order to promote the genuine nature of our product and our Token Sale, we have decided to launch a Review Contest wherein we would like to invite all experts and amateurs to study our White Paper, our website, our business model, and other aspects of the Token Sale in order to post a review on any Cryptocurrency Forum, Blog, Social Media Platform, Website, and any other channel. We will choose one review every week from all reviews of 'H Education World Initial Token Sale' posted on various cryptocurrency forums, blogs, social media platforms, websites, and other channels, and will award 1000 HIDU to the reviewer. The review will be judged on the basis of details provided, explanations, absence of bias, honesty, creativity, and clarity. A reviewer will have to post a link to the review in the comments’ section of this blog post to be eligible to participate in the contest. The contest will run from 16th July 2018 till 31st August 2018. Names of the winners will be announced every week on this blog and our various channels for reviews posted during the previous week.

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