Reddit campaign by GOeureka

Bounty details

Category: SOCIAL

Tasks need to be done: 1: Follow Our Official Reddit Account: 2: Post/Share Project link in any crypto related community subreddit. (For Example: (You can post our website link. whitepaper link. You can share official blog posts. and you can share all PR (Press release) related and other official announcements and updates) 3: Submit the link of a screenshot, to prove you have subscribed to our sub-reddit. 4: Make/Reserve a post in this thread and update the post with your posted/shared links regularly. Submit that post link through the form below: Rewards: : 5 Stakes for each subscriber. 1 Stakes for each link posted/shared on any crypto related channel. (maximum 3Links) 2 Stakes for 4 upvote. (maximum 4Upvotes) Terms, Rules and Conditions: 1: You must subscribe to the official Reddit page: 2: Participants with negative karma will not be accepted. 3: Reddit account must be original. 4: The post must be related to the project. It should not be a spam. 5: Post must exist on the channel. The post which gets removed by subreddit moderators will not be rewarded. 6: One Person should use one account, a user with multiple accounts is not allowed.

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