Bounty details

Category: SOCIAL

Earn Stakes by mentioning #Fluxorin or retweeting our updates and news to your groups, friends and followers.  Register your participation here.  Follow our official page in Twitter.  You like and retweet news marked with #Flux from our official account within 5 days after their publication and not later, and do not delete them until the ICO ends. Each like and retweet will earn you the following amount of stakes.  You will have a starting score according to the number of your followers.  Write (in English) your own tweet devoted to Flux creating a positive image of the project and using the following hashtags: #Flux #ico #ethereum #bitcoin. Your efforts will be granted with extra 4 stakes. You are not obliged to follow this term, however, by ignoring it you won’t gain additional stakes. Bounties will be distributed as follows 10 stakes for 300 – 700 followers FLUXORIN BOUNTY 8 15 stakes for 700-1500 followers 20 stakes more than 1500 followers 5 stakes for every LIKE 10 stakes for every retweet of our page in Twitter BOUNTY 10 stakes 15 STAKES 20 STAKES 5 STAKES 10 STAKES • 300 – 700 followers • 700-1500 followers • MORE THAN 1500 FOLLOWERS • FOR EVERY LIKE • EVERY RETWEET OF OUR PAGE IN TWITTER The account must be at least 4 months old. The number of your followers is being fixed at the moment when you connect your account and doesn’t change during the campaign. Multiple accounts registration is not allowed. One person=one account. All the related accounts will be deleted.

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