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We offer a reward for translating the Flux BitcoinTalk Thread official post, white paper, and ANNs (including moderating local threads). The following languages are welcome: Japanese, Chinese traditional, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arbic and Hindi. Other languages will be evaluated. You can contact Flux Bounty Manager to offer other language option.  Register your participation here  Be at least in Jr. Member or upper rank to join the campaign  Each member should translate the official Flux BitcoinTalk Thread post, white paper, and original thread ANNs. In order to fulfil bounty task you need to create your local thread at Bitcointalk, moderate and manage it publishing the translated posts there.  Format of all original posts and documents should be retained. Non- qualified and incomplete translations and posts are to be excluded from the campaign. All campaign participants will be provided with original sources. Translation campaign rewards BOUNTY FLUXORIN BOUNTY 14 100 stakes for whitepaper translation 25 stakes for ANNs translation 5 stakes for every moderate post in your thread Once you have registered to this campaign, please wait till we contact you. DO NOT start translation before you get our instructions! BOUNTY 100 stakes 25 stakes 25 stakes • FOR WHITEPAPER TRANSLATION • FOR ANNS TRANSLATION • FOR EVERY MODERATE POST IN YOUR THREAD FLUXORIN BOUNTY 15 After ICO is finished, the whole bounty pool is to be redistributed among all campaign members considering the number of stakes each member gained. Bounty tasks success will be verified and estimated after the ICO ends. To receive bonus, each member must participate until the end of the ICO and follow the terms enumerated above. You can check your participation status here Every week participants have to prepare a weekly activity report of presumed valid activity and fill up Weekly report form, not reporting within the next week leads to renouncing the prize for that week

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