LinkedIn Bounty by Dolla

Bounty details

Category: Social

Step-by-Step Guide: Join our Linkedin group Give a positive comment regarding Dolla on any post in the group. Submit your LinkedIn name. Submit the screenshot of your comment in the Dashboard. You will receive 2500 DLA tokens after ICO to your Dolla wallet. You will receive an email with instructions how to connect your Dolla wallet once released. Stay active in the community until you receive your tokens!! Terms and Conditions: Duplicate entries will be disqualified. Members must stay active in the channel until token distribution to be eligible. Participants may not have any other cryptocurrency logo or name in their username or profile picture. Participants using the channel for promotion of other cryptocurrencies will be banned and disqualified from airdrop. Participants using foul language or other inappropriate behavior will be banned and disqualified. Participants agree by registration for this airdrop to abide by the terms and conditions. Participants must successfully KYC prior to token distribution. US residents are not eligible for airdrop unless qualified as a sophisticated investor.

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