Signature Bounty by the Clarity project

Bounty details

Category: Bitcointalk

Rules for posting or commenting about Clarity: We are looking for active Bitcointalk users to help spread the word about our upcoming ICO. Participants need to post 3 quality posts a week with the appropriate signature. The post must have a minimum of 60 characters not including spaces and overused punctuations (…,???,!?!?!, etc) Each post containing the Clarity signature by the time the Clarity ICO ends will be eligible for the reward. Follow Clarity on Telegram The signature must be held until the end of the campaign. If you remove or modify the signature in the middle of the campaign you are disqualified and will not be reimbursed. If your post count does not reach 3 by Friday you do not qualify for that week. Posts must be in English only. Find our Clarity signatures here

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