Post a Selfie Bounty by the Clarity project

Bounty details

Category: Social Bounty

Post a selfie with Clarity to gain CLRTY tokens. 1. Follow @theCLRTYproject on Twitter or Instagram 2. Take a Selfie with the Clarity logo provided here – 3. Include the hashtags #ClarityCommunity #Blockchainforgood #theCLRTYproject #ClarityCommunitySelfie Requirements: You must be a @theCLRTYproject follower. Your profile must be public. You can qualify for this bounty with a maximum of 7 posts per week The maximum amount of posts to qualify for this bounty is 1 per day. You must use the Clarity logo provided either printed or displayed on a device. All hashtags provided must be included in the post and @theCLRTYproject needs to be tagged. All content within the post must be in English

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