Translation Campaign 200 000 AWC by Atomic Wallet

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Category: Translation

We are interested in translations to the following languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bengali. Join our official chat in Telegram and make a Proof of authentication in this thread with text: #Proof of authentication Bitcointalk Username: Telegram Username: Fill in the Google form: h Install Atomic Wallet and request for the Airdrop Fill in the application form: In the application, please indicate the language and what you want to translate: [/list] a. Translation of the UI Atomic Wallet b. Translation of the official site c. Translation of White Paper d. Translation of One Pager 5. A translation will be reserved for you: a. Translation of UI Atomic Wallet - 4 days b. Translation of the official site - 4 days С. Translation of One Pager (one of them) - 4 days D. White Paper Translation - 8 days 6. Submit the translated version: 7. Wait for the results of the translation verification 8. Get a reward, the tokens will be sent to the ETH address of your Atomic Wallet Please note: Texts translated with automated translation tools will be rejected. We cancel the reservation and transfer it to another participant if after the end of the reserved period the translation is not produced.

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