Content Campaign - 150 000 AWC by Atomic Wallet

Bounty details

Category: Content

Join our official chat in Telegram and make a Proof of authentication in this thread with text: #Proof of authentication Bitcointalk Username: Telegram Username: Fill in the Google form: For platforms like Steemit and YouTube the number of followers must be higher than 100. YouTube videos should be descriptive and at least 2 minutes long. Reward for content views on websites and blogs where the number of views is not transparent will be calculated as 5 stakes (Blogspot, Wordpress, Medium etc.) At the end of the campaign you will be able to get 1-3-5-7-10 stake(s) according to article quality, 1-3-5-7-10 stake(s) depending on the number of visitors/views; 2-6-10-14-20 stake(s) in total. Articles/videos etc. will be evaluated according to the number of views and visitors. In terms of quality, publications that are at a higher level than others can be additionally rewarded with 1 to 10 stakes.

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