Translation Program by ACA Network

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Category: Translation

Rules: 1. Translations performed through Google Translate or other automated translation services will not be eligible for this program. 2. Inadequately managed threads will not be eligible for this program. 3. Please send a request to participate in the Translation Program by using the Google Form format prior to starting the translation. Those who did not apply to participate will not be eligible. 4. Our management will decide on whether or not to accept the application to participate in the program based on the content of the application. 5. The deadline for the white paper is ten days after the request is accepted, while the deadline for the ANN / Bounty Thread is three days after the request is accepted. 6. The translated white paper may also be submitted to the local community. Please share the translated white paper to any groups that you are moderating. 7. It is allowed to request to both translate the white paper or translate, submit, or manage ANN / Bounty Threads.

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