Community Moderation Program by ACA Network

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Category: Moderation

Rules: 1. Only communities of 500 or more people are eligible for this program. Communities of 499 or fewer members are ineligible. 2. The number of community representatives for a given community will be decided by the ACA Network on a per-community basis. 3. Aggregating spam accounts and accounts obviously not interested in ACA tokens will not be recognized as a community. 4. If there is a question in the community you do not know the answer to, you must check the details of the response on the ACA Network Official Channel. If you distribute incorrect information to users in the community, you are ineligible for ACA tokens. 5. Before entrusting you to help manage the community, we must talk to you for 30–60 minutes in order to share detailed information about the ACA Network Project. Please enter your call schedule on the Google form. 6. Community representatives must communicate closely with ACA Network Project managers. Note that if you do not notify of a planned absence and cannot be contacted for over 24 hours, it affects the workload; avoid letting this happen. If you expect to not be available, you must notify an ACA Network Project manager in advance.

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